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"I wanted to take time to thank Back-2-Back for the help I was looking for with my son's hitting & pitching. As a proud father, it took some pride to realize I only know so much and it was time for my son to get a perspective from another voice. Tyler has more than exceeded those expectations! I asked him the first day to impress my son. He not only impressed but raised my son's confidence. My son is now correcting his own actions when we hit in the yard. No longer do we have the father-son arguments about what I see and what my son thinks he is doing right. That alone has been worth the time I have spent taking him to hitting and pitching. My son is no longer trying to pull every hit. Out of our bucket of 40+ baseballs, every swing is up the middle and only 4 or 5 pop-ups. Almost everything is a line drive. If no, he talks to me about wheat he needs to do different and executes. Clearly words he has learned from Back-2-Back. Better than me arguing with the son I love so much. I just can't say enough good things about Tyler. He has the perfect personality that any parent would want their son or daughter learning from. Great personnel and great atmosphere will keep us coming back for sure."

-Curtis & Chase B.
June 28, 2016

"The Vizual Edge has become an important and valuable tool for my son's baseball training. With regular practice using the Vizual Edge, my son has been able to see the baseball better, focus better during his at bats, greatly increase his reaction time, and improve his confidence. At the beginning of the season my son struggled to see the ball and had a slow reaction time. After just a few lessons using the Vizual Edge my son was able to focus on the ball and increase his reaction time. He had much better at-bats and consistently made contact with the baseball. The Vizual Edge is EASY to implement and my son had fun with it. From the start of implementation of the Vizual Edge to the end of my son's school year, his reading fluency and accuracy greatly improved as well. I believe this was in part because of the visual training from the Vizual Edge."

-Krista M.
Highland, IL
June 24, 2014

"To all the staff at Back 2 Back, we are truly lucky to have such an amazing facility with AWESOME staff right in our home town. We are pleased at the help and training we have received from you guys through private lessons and just the use of cage rentals. It has helped our son alot with getting him the proper hitting and throwing techniques, while getting him prepared for another ball season.

Thanks and we truly appreciate your will to help the younger generation with Ball."

-Jamie B.
Highland, IL
March 30, 2014

"B2B offers superb baseball and softball training opportunities for your child. My son is 12 and has been playing 3 years for a select league team and was on JR high team last year.

We had a evaluation for batting with Jeremiah and pitching lesson with Justin. Both sessions were great and pointed out little bugs in his form and they gave us excellent tips and drills to improve his play. Favorite part was me catching and Justin in batters box (no bat) so my son could practice striking him out. The staff are all great teachers and very enthusiastic. This was fun!"

-Bob F.
Carlyle, IL
Feb 23, 2014