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Welcome to!

Back-2-Back Baseball & Softball Training, Inc. is the premier baseball and softball training facility located in Highland, IL! We are staffed with professional and collegiate level players who are sure to improve your athlete's skills. We can't wait for you to see what we have in store for area baseball and softball players.


Latest News

January 12, 2014 - Lots of new camps and clinics added. Please check the upcoming events page or our Facebook page for additional details.

Inclement Weather Notice
In case of the facility closing due to weather, we will post on our Facebook page, send out an email, & attempt to leave a message on our machine. Please call ahead if you are unsure!

New Instructor Added
Back-2-Back is excited to announce that Justin Dunning will be joining our staff! Justin played with the Gateway Grizzlies in 2012. He is available for hitting & fielding lessons. Justin graduated from Quincy University.

Instructor's availability:
Jeremiah: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Jordan: Tuesday, Thursday
Cale: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
BethAnn: Sunday
Briana: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Equipment Re-Sale Shop
Are you looking for slightly used equipment or looking to get rid of slightly used equipment? If so, let us know as we are in the midst of starting a re-sale shop. Also, if you are interested in lessons of any kind, please email Jeremiah at .

Vision Training by Vizual Edge™!
Back-2-Back is excited to officially begin offering vision training by Vizual Edge™! We feel this will set the Back-2-Back athletes apart from all other athletes. We can't tell you how many times through the course of lessons and while watching games, we hear "watch the ball." How often do athletes actually work on the skills needed to "watch the ball?" Usually, the answer is never. This is a great opportunity to work on those skills!

In the evaluation, athletes will be tested on their eye alignment, depth perception, visual flexibility- the ability to shift the eyes from near to far and far to near, recognition, and tracking skills.

Upon completion of the evaluation, athletes will sit down with a Back-2-Back instructor and discuss the test results and put together an individualized training plan.

Athletes are encouraged to train 2-3 times per week for a minimum of 8 continuous weeks.

If you signed up with an e-mail address, and have not yet received an e-mail form Back-2-Back, please stop by the front desk or call us. We may need to update the address on file after converting to our new scheduling system.

Athlete Photos Back-2-Back is now highlighting the athletes that utilize Back-2-Back's many services. Want to submit your favorite game action or Back-2-Back training session photo? Submit your photo to .




Need More Cage Time to Get Your Timing Back?

If you aren't in need of a lesson, there is no need to schedule an appointment. Just stop by and fine tune your swing in any of our open cages. Walk-ins are welcome to rent any open cage.You may want to bring a partner to feed the machine in the event that the auto-fed pitching machine is in use.

Indoor Cages