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Mon-Thurs4 pm - 9 pm
Sat10 am - 2 pm
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Contact direclty for questions regarding hitting league information including scheduling.


This league will give all players the chance to work on their hitting skills along with competing throughout the offseason! Games will be played weekly for 6 weeks, with the last 2 weeks being for playoffs. Top finishing team will receive free entry into next available hitting league. Second place team will receive a discounted entry fee into the next available session.


Teams will consist of 2-3 individuals.


Games will consist of 2 teams facing each other head-to-head. Each individual will get 6 swings OR 3 outs to get as many runs as possible. A game will conclude after the 55 minute mark If the game is in the middle of an inning when time is called, the score will be taken from the inning that was previously finished. All batters will get 5 warm-up pitches before their first scoring AB's and 2 warmup pitches each round after.

Ex. The Red team has Kourtney hit, she has a single, a double, and an out. The next Red Team batter is Kirsten. Kirsten will step in, take her warm-up pitches and then be told that there are girls on 2nd and 3rd with 1 out. She has a triple that scores 2, an out, and a single that scores 1. The next Red Team batter is Lily, who will get her warm-ups, be told that there is a girl at 1st with 2 outs. Lily gets a double and an out. The out will be the 3rd out of the inning and the Blue Team team will now come up to bat. They will be told the score is 3 to 0. Emily will be the first Blue Team hitter. She hits 3 hard hit balls, but all 3 are outs. The 1st inning will be over with the Red Team leading 3 to 0. The 2nd inning will begin with Lily getting her warm-ups and 1 more swing before the next Red Team batter will step in. etc. etc.


Single - ball will be hit between the first and second rope (in the air)
Double - ball will be hit between the second and third rope (in the air) AND/OR the top of the cage behind the second rope
Triple - ball will be hit between the third rope and the end corner of the cage (in the air)
Homerun - the ball will hit the back of the cage
Outs - any ball that hits the ground before it makes contact with the net


Scores will be kept by a staff member of Back-2-Back. We will use an app on the iPad to keep track of scores and stats.


Teams will play head-to-head. All teams will compete for 6 weeks, with the top 4 teams competing in a playoff series for the final two weeks. Tiebreakers will be determined by the amount of Runs Scored.


Teams will forfeit if they arrive more than 15 minutes late. If a player is late, each time his/her spot comes up in the order, it will be an automatic out.


Cost will be $60 per individual.
*Limited to the first 10 paying teams per league. A minimum of 2 teams required for a league.